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Here are just some of the many companies and organizations that are Tabs Studio customers.

  • Ableton AG
  • Advanced Solutions International, Inc.
  • AFL Telecommunications
  • Agilent Technologies
  • AKApplications
  • Allegiant Engineering Group
  • Andornot Consulting
  • Animusic
  • Apache Solutions Ltd
  • Bentley Systems
  • Beweb
  • Blizzard Entertainment
  • Bluelight Software S.n.c.
  • Business Infusions
  • BV Network AS
  • ByggeSoft ApS
  • Calyx Software
  • Caspit Software Ltd.
  • Clevermed Limited
  • Critigen
  • Crytek GmbH
  • Ctoutvert
  • Daxium
  • Digital Services Exchange Ltd
  • DirectWest
  • Disney Interactive Media Group (Avalanche)
  • DST Systems
  • e:cue control GmbH
  • eg solutions plc
  • EMC Corporation
  • Empirical Modeling & Analytics
  • Epic Games, Inc.
  • Equinox Software Design
  • evoline srl
  • FAST S.p.a
  • Fire and Emergency Services Authority of WA
  • Fishbeat
  • Flagstone Reinsurance
  • Florida Center for Interactive Media
  • Furillo Agency AB
  • Gearbox Software
  • Headline.TV
  • Heenan Blaikie Management Ltd
  • HSC Regelungstechnik GmbH
  • HumanCentric
  • Icom-France
  • IMPAC Medical Systems
  • ImproWise AB
  • Infinity Pharmaceuticals
  • Information Strategies Inc.
  • Ingenious Group, Inc.
  • Integra Group
  • Integricom
  • ITechLang Inc.
  • Itum AS
  • Jackson Healthcare
  • KARSCO Consulting
  • Kraftvaerk
  • Lazy Gator Software, Inc.
  • LECO Corporation
  • Mainstream Technologies
  • Memory Soft, S.L.
  • Mercury Payment Systems
  • MicroApplications, Inc.
  • Microscan
  • Millimark Software, LLC
  • Minitab Inc.
  • Mirixa Corporation
  • Momentum Software AB
  • Mylan Inc.
  • Naylor
  • Next Stay A/S
  • Nexus I+D
  • New Age Solution
  • Nuance-Recognita Zrt.
  • Nursenav Oncology
  • OEBB-Dienstleistungs GmbH
  • oneZero Financial
  • Openfeature Limited
  • Pangaea
  • PepsiCo
  • Photo Science, Inc.
  • Positive Solutions Ltd
  • pv-tools GmbH
  • Raytheon BBN Technologies
  • RE:Media Ltd
  • Red Wall
  • rFocus
  • RIKS bv
  • Rio Salado College
  • River Cities Software, Inc.
  • Riverblade Ltd
  • RoboGroup
  • Roeblreiter New Media
  • SAIC
  • Select* Associates, Inc.
  • Selvatico Retail Systems Ltd
  • Services Conseils MTI
  • Sign Management Consultants, Inc.
  • Skillweb.co.uk Ltd
  • SpearSoft LLC
  • Sterling Solutions
  • Tangent Technologies, Inc
  • Tanner Research, Inc.
  • Telemar USA, LLC
  • TerpSys
  • Texas Digital
  • The Gordian Group, Inc.
  • Trion World Network
  • University of Illinois
  • Vacation Internationale
  • Vadian.net AG
  • Wayforward Technologies
  • Webhuset AS
  • Weisang GmbH
  • Widgit Software
  • WynApse
  • Wyvern Software LLC

The comments below are what customers say about Tabs Studio.

"For me Tabs Studio does two things: organize my open content better and enables me to more quickly close/manage the open tabs... On a recent project I had about 15 files open at once and hunting to find the related ones was a nuisance when you needed to be fast. Now look at the after. Same amount of tabs open, but the ďrelatedĒ ones are automatically grouped for me, and the bold shows which one is open. Additionally I can selectively close the code file without first activating the tab (each tab in Tabs Studio has a close button like Firefox tabs implementation). This is great. Whatís the best part? Itís all XAML! The Tabs Studio is a WPF control that you can customize to your liking by putting your own styles in the settings pane using BasedOn styling. Very cool. So far this little add-in is helping me just a tad more productive and it stays out of my way!" Tim Heuer

"...it addresses both of the main issues with the built in tab control in Visual Studio - it allows wrappable tabs, and it groups your control parts together - what's more, the tabs are customizable with your own XAML... When I installed Tabs Studio I thought it was a cool idea, but after using it the last 2 weeks I'm hooked. Not having to look through all your open files for the corresponding XAML code behind goes a long way, and being able to maintain more than 8 open files (and have them easy to get to) makes dealing with large and modular solutions a breeze." Roger Peters

"No matter how much I try, I always find myself with a boat-load of tabs open in VS. Tabs Studio is a lifesaver in that regard. Not only does it keep the xaml and cs files together, but it keeps everything on the screen so I can see them. I particularly dislike having to run VS on the server now because I can't avail myself of Tabs Studio there, and am always having to search for files, or just give up and double-click it again. Money very well spent, you won't be disappointed!" Dave [WynApse]

"This is one of the few 'must have' add ons for VS. I've been using it for quite a while now I simply can't imagine going back to the standard confusing tabs. Sergey constantly enhances it and has been very responsive when issues have come up. Get it - you'll be happy you did." Nick Hustak

"Great Tool for Tab ordering, full customizable by own AddIns and fast response from the author if you have some sort of problem." AngusX

"With Tabs Studio, on every switch between tabs you will save a little of your nerves and your time. Not much? I repeat: on every switch :)" Dmitriy Tolmachyov

"Very good add-in. Used it for 30 days (trial) with absolutely no problems, and now I want to buy it. Advantages (for me): Multiple tab rows - is the very useful thing, which original Visual Studio lack of support for some unknown for me reasons. Can automatically open connected files (*.h/*.cpp for example). Hold both *.h and *.cpp files (in fact - every files with same name) in one tab (the best)." Aleksey Horoshilov

"This is a great add-in for Visual Studio that saves me time and frustration. It not only keeps all of your open files visible, it organizes them as well. No more searching for related files that somehow get seperated by 10 tabs in the normal use of Visual Studio. I uninstalled it for a brief period while I was trouble shooting an unrelated problem with Visual Studio and realized just how much I'd come to depend on it." Infotech_HTX

"Amazing add-in, configure your tabs just the way you want them. Solid, I've never run into anything beyond a minor display bug (1 pixel overrun when using it in SQL Management Studio before it was really supported) that the developer worked with me personally to get fixed. Everyone who keeps more than 5 files at a time open should use this." David Corby

"I had this add-in installed for 5 minutes, and in that short amount of time, it became the tool I could not live without. It is especially useful for switching between design and code views, but also brings a MUCH needed feature to VS: tab rows. You will not be able to live without this addin. It must be installed immediately." interscape

"Gave me pretty much just what I wanted: .h & .cpp together :-)" MartinNvP

"I've just downloaded and started using Tabs Studio (in VS 2010). It seems to be a *very* worthwhile addition to Visual Studio. I particularly like the nice way it can combine a file.xaml and file.xaml.cs in the same tab. This makes finding things & navigating easier and saves tab real estate. This add in seems very stable, and *very* well thought-out. Further, the developer has re-thought what tabs are about and even allows you to arrange them differently or put them into a separate dockable window. Tabs Studio is *very* easily customizable in many ways. I've already downloaded an available alternate style and further tweaked the color gradient used for the "selected" tab. It takes just a few minutes to install it and tweak it so that you've again back to your very comfortable IDE." S B

"I just tested this out and it's very useful, I like how it groups aspx and aspx.cs on the same tab (was always annoying when those tabs would get seperated from one another and seemed crazy to me I had to manually organize them). The color coding of the tabs is a nice feature as well now my .config files really standout. That alone is worth the purchase but more than sealing the deal it also works with SQL Server Management Studio. SQL Mgt Studio bothered me just as much if not more than VS at its lack of showing more than a few tabs at once." Chad Biggerstaff

"Cannot love this product enough! You have a very proud supporter." Gustavo Keener

"I use tabs studio all the time, and thought Iíd check if it was alive and well. Great to see itís powering along!" Mark Foley

"This is awesome! Thanks very much!! Just what I wanted :)" Mike Nelson

"Love your product. Keep it coming :)" New Age Solution

"I really like that you focus on this tab problem in VS. Several of my colleagues basically think Iím silly because I like tab management." Christian

"Thank you for creating this add-in, it will make TabsStudio even better. I have taken the plunge and purchased your awesome add-in. Iím sure after my coworkers see it, everyone will want to buy a copy!" Jason Stevenson

"Awesome framework! I just made an add-in that does color coded tabs based on the containing project. Keep up the great work!" Scott

"Thanks Sergey! That tip worked perfectly! Now I can use TabsStudio as intended, and I love it! What a great addin and a great idea. Thank you for your hard work, the excellent customer service, and for sharing with the community at large." Todd Davis

"Your product has been one of the best investments I ever made... Thank you and keep up the great work!" Jason Stevenson

"I've been using TabsStudio for quite some time now. It's one of those products that make working on large projects just that little bit easier. I'll be honest and say that every now and then a problem will crop up but I don't think Sergey have ever taken more than a day or 2 to not just respond but fix the issue I've been having. If you work on projects that require you to have more than a few files open at a time, you'll know how difficult Visual Studio can make it for you to navigate to the correct one. TabsStudio fixes that. I will, gladly, recommend this product to anyone." Stuart Hemming

"Excelent application. You save me from throw away my Visual Studio. I added the navigator add-in to set the ctrl-tab and shif-ctrl-tab hotkeys normal behavior. Your software giveme back the posibility to move fast and effective between tab. I was driving me insane the old jump till infinite to randomly find the tab that i need. (MRU is just simply bad to move between many tabs). Thanks to imagine and create this program." voodoomsr

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