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Tabs Studio Business License Agreement

This is a legal agreement between you and Sergey Vlasov covering use of the application known as Tabs Studio.


Sergey Vlasov grants you a non-exclusive license to install and use Tabs Studio concurrently on no more workstations than the number of seats purchased. If you install Tabs Studio on a server and remote users run Visual Studio, the Tabs Studio license is required for each remote workstation. You may not permit individuals outside your company to use your Tabs Studio registration code.

If this license was acquired for evaluation, your license is for a term of 30 days (Trial Period) from the date Tabs Studio was installed. At the end of the Trial Period, further use of Tabs Studio by you is prohibited without the purchase of a permanent license.


If you are not satisfied with Tabs Studio you have the unconditional right to claim and receive a refund within 30 days after the purchase date. No refund is available after 30 days. Each client has the right for one moneyback only.