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User Guide Style Tab Grouping Add-ins

Sorter add-in

The Sorter add-in lets you create multiple sorting rules:

Sorter options

For example, from the picture above the sorter rules are: tabs highlighted with the Marker add-in go to beginning, tabs with Test in the name go to end, and then tabs are sorted by project and by name.

The Rule type TabNameWithPath can be used in Web projects where tab names contain the parent folder name. The rule type Path uses the Paths property (document paths separated by '$'). The rule type TabNameUntransformed ignores tab title transformations by other add-ins like Disambiguator and SuperName.

Match regex by default captures all text of the property selected by the rule type. You can match e.g. tabs from the project Core with (?<M>^Core$) and move these tabs to the beginning or to the end. Or you can group tabs by category, listing prefixes and suffixes in tab names around category words:

Inverse order when unchecked sorts tabs in alphabetical order or places matched tabs to beginning. When checked - sorts from Z to A or places matched tabs to end.

Create super group defines a super group with SuperGroupName "[Sorter] <Rule name>". Useful when sorting by project, part of the tab name or highlight index:

Create super group option

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