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User Guide Style Tab Grouping Add-ins

Navigator add-in

Navigator allows you to switch tabs using keyboard after assigning keyboard shortcuts in Visual Studio keyboard options.

NavigateToPreviousTab/NavigateToNextTab - activate tab on the left and on the right of the currently selected one. NavigateToLastTab - activate the last tab:

Navigate to last tab shortcut keys assignment

NavigateToNextWindow and NavigateToPreviousWindow commands first switch to the next document in the selected tab and then switch to the nearest document in the next tab.

NavigateToNextTab and NavigateToPreviousTab commands stop when they reach the first or the last tab. For NavigateToNextTab go to first tab if the selected tab is the last tab and NavigateToPreviousTab go to the last tab if the selected tab is the first tab, set the Cycle tab when navigating option. To access navigator options go to Add-in Manager, select Navigator and press Configure:

Navigator Options

Use NavigateToTabXX commands to quickly navigate to the first 20 tabs in Tabs Studio:

Keyboard shortcut options in Visual Studio

The Show tab numbers option simplifies usage of NavigateToTabXX commands:

Tab numbers

Use NavigateToNextGroup and NavigateToPreviousGroup to navigate between tab groups.

Use MoveTabLeft and MoveTabRight to reorder tabs.

Note, to assign some shortcuts such as Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow it needed to be in the Text Editor scope or default Text Editor command overrides it.

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