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Debugging add-ins for Tabs Studio in Visual Studio 2010 SP1

Visual Studio 2010 SP1 breaks debugging of .NET 2.0 addins. The Tabs Studio add-in targets .NET 3.5 and thus also affected by this problem.

The first workaround is to retarget your add-in to .NET 4.0 (of course, this add-in will no longer work in VS 2008 after that). You will also need to add System.Xaml to assembly references:

Setting target framework for an add-in to .NET Framework 4

The second workaround is to create a dummy project targeting .NET Framework 4 and use it as the startup target for debugging (looks like VS 2010 SP1 is only interested in the target framework of the startup project, not the executable under debug):

Adding a new dummy project targeting .NET Framework 4

Setting the dummy StartUp project to start VS 2010 IDE

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