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AutoOpener add-in

AutoOpener automatically opens corresponding files (e.g. when Class.cpp is opening it automatically opens Class.h). Andreas Guenther wrote the first implementation of this extension.

The AutoOpener add-in uses the same infrastructure that shows Open commands when you right click on a tab and in the core of the TabsStudio.Connect.OpenCorrespondingFile command. Usage of AutoOpener indicated that liberal default tab grouping options (letting files with any extension to be opened) cause strange errors from Visual Studio when opening a code file that happens to share the same name with a project or a resource file. These errors are fist of all puzzling (strange error code after just double-clicking a file) and then require to manually add excluding rules (for project and resource files) to title or path grouping options. To behave more predictably, AutoOpener includes its own explicit list of extensions that are considered for opening:

AutoOpener's default allowed extensions list

You can add and remove extensions from this list going to AutoOpener options, but note that if an extension is blocked for grouping in Tabs Studio options it will not be opened automatically no matter if it on AutoOpener's list or not.

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